Tips to keep your eyes bright – How to protect your eyes

Tips to keep your eyes bright – How to protect your eyes

How to protect eyes

Keep your eyes out for long periods of time
You should sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, take a nap 15 minutes to rest, prepare for the next working time.
After every hour of work on the computer, relax your eyes by not looking at the computer screen, close your eyes or blink several times …

Avoid eye damage

Where there are bright lights like welding lights, glass furnace, sun: you should not look directly at these places.
Computers, phones, and televisions: You should not look at computers, phones, or televisions for too long. Especially when using the computer, the sitting position must be straight, directly opposite the screen, the center of the screen should be horizontal chest, put the computer in the appropriate brightness, not glare but also not too dark.
Contact lenses: Do not use for long periods of time.

Do not be subjective

When you go out in the hot sun or during 11am to 4pm, you should wear sunglasses to avoid sunlight or ultraviolet rays to darken your eyes.
When working in dusty places, or welding, wear safety goggles so that they do not affect the eyes.
Avoid rubbing your eyes when your hands are not cleaned.

Forget the eyes after cleansing
You must clean your face with a clean towel and wash your face after a day’s work. In case of need (the feeling of dusting eyes) can be a few drops of mild antiseptic.

Use eye drops indiscriminately

Consult your doctor if you have long-term use.
Use physiological saline 0.9% to clean eyes every day.

Should exercise regularly for the eyes

After every hour of work on the computer, read the book you should blink to dry eyes, and should look out to 5m to adjust the eye to balance, avoid drying eyes by looking for too long.
Massage your eyes every day to keep your eyes healthy: rub hands with your hands for warmth, then apply pressure on your eyes, then rub your eyes lightly, gently massage your eyes, massage your eyes with healthy eyes. .
Can cut slices of cucumber, tomato expensive to the eyes to relax more.

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